Welcome to Happy on the Trails

First overnight - at Silver Hill

First overnight – at Silver Hill

So I’ve finally been talked into doing a hiking blog. Well, i wanted to of course, but let’s just say life is a little busy! Plus, all my free time I like to spend on the trails, natch. But after spending hours after each adventure emailing photos, stories, posting them on my social media, and filtering through every photo anyway, it just seemed the logical thing to put everything in one place. To kick things off, here’s a little background…

The Mighty St. John's Ledges

The Mighty St. John’s Ledges

My wife and I have reconnected to our past love for backpacking and hiking. As a teen I found solace day-hiking the Presidentials of New Hampshire on outings while at summer camp on Lake Winnipesaukee. I learned many of my skills and a life-long love for camping as a Boy Scout, and while I didn’t go all the way to eagle, it was part of me forever and I am very grateful for those experiences. I like most, found it way too easy to get caught up with and comfortable with the conveniences of modern life. And after a few decades of that, I was ready to go back to the woods for more purity and peace. Though I will use today’s technology to share with you my stories, images and video of these experiences.

My first year making journal entries at the trail shelters

My first year making journal entries at the trail shelters

Though from Florida, my wife did many trips with her family hiking the Appalachian and other trails in the mountains of North Carolina and Maine.

After re-discovering our shared love for nature a few years ago via car-camping and day hikes with my kids on local trails in Connecticut (where we live) New York, and Massachusetts, we were ready to try backpacking again. We have also done many day hikes with local hiking groups such as the AMC and some meetup groups, but found ourselves less and less interested in keeping pace with hikers just focused on covering distance and less on stopping to smell the roses most of the time. And you will find pictures of flowers, birds, mountains, and streams here.

Our first trail magic

Our first trail magic

On the right are a few photos from last year’s re-initiation to backpacking, and our first 45 miles of backpacking on the trail.  Most of the entries here will be about our A.T. adventures, as we are now focusing on these multi-day trips vs day-hikes. But there will be some day-hikes in here as well; sometimes just me on solo adventures. This is now our second season on the Appalachian Trail as section hikers.

One of my favorite views - Rand's View

A favorite view

The trail is only an hour from home and as a result we’ve been able to cover all but 6 miles of the trail in our state of Connecticut – and that will be completed next month.

We’ve also begun working on the northern sections of New York as it is also an easy hour-plus drive. Then, we will start making longer journeys to farther sections.

Welcome. I hope you enjoy the adventures as much as we do.

— Linus and Fielden Stream


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